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Oculus Medium, Tilt Brush

Michael musyoka

Instagram: @mykemsanii




Oculus Medium, Tilt Brush

TIME continues, a larger body of work, which comments on the effects of social constructs on human behavior. TIME, one of the greatest of these constructs, causes the modern-day human to be in a constant rush, either in pursuit of a goal or seeking escape from adversity. The artist uses a non-binary figure of an overweight person, based on a caricature of a self-portrait, to portray the people in his society. The artist’s objective is to place the viewer in a stampede of these caricatures bounding towards the same direction, huffing and puffing. TIME illustrates how fast time flies by, and the effect that such systematized ways of living – required by these constructs – has on the modern human.

Rhapsodies in the 5th


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