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Martin ‘Blaanga’ Langat - Illustrator/ Animator



A dreamer who happens to know a thing or two about drawing, first love has always been animation and currently transitioning from a freelance graphic designer to full time illustrator |animator | VR artist. Blaanga is inspired by the codependency of labor and the worth of an individual in society.


With the new market opened, Mavo snuck out of the orphanage dorms, to restock on their inventory. Business was booming since the canteen closed, opening the gates of the free market to whomever had the guts and hunger to fill that space with the benefit of inflated prices on sweets and pastries. The infamous duo of caregivers were definitely on the lookout for any trouble makers, especially the fence hoppers who were warned of the increase of abductions around Jungle city.

Rhapsodies in the 5th


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